Dr. Tom Zhang

Lead Engineer

Optimus Solutions

Dr. Tom Zhang has a PhD, PE in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on heat transfer and fluid mechanics from the University of Missouri. Tom’s dissertation was on nanostructure and wettability effect on oscillating heat pipes. The dissertation topic directly aligns with Optimus Solutions’ vision and approach that is, “The Science behind the Process”.

As Lead Engineer at Optimus Solutions, Tom has successfully solved unique rotary equipment problems that typically require deeper engineering. Since Optimus Solutions’ birth in 2015, Tom has added multiple services to help solve these tough engineering problems. These include: DATscan 2.0, Mechanical/Load Studies, Finite Element Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics, 3D Printed Flighting Tests, and Combustion Performance Evaluations. Additionally, one of Tom’s passions is teaching students. He has taught over 20 classes since 2015. These are a mix of external classes for customers or internal classes for employees.

For 2018, he implemented 3D printing technology to increase production rates for a customer. The project is 3D modeling the internal flights of a rotary unit and learning the best arrangement for maximum veiling. The customer saw a production increase of 400 tons per day, which equates to a nearly $10M increase in annual revenue.

Other specializations for Tom, and notable projects, are related to alignment (cold and hot) measures. Within the last year, he has overhauled both the DATScan cold alignment program (now DATScan 2.0) and the Hot Kiln Alignment (now Kiln Axis Survey, KAxS), for Optimus’ sister company, Industrial Kiln & Dryer Group.

When not engineering custom solutions for our customers, Tom enjoys cooking, economics, electronics and basketball. If in Louisville, be sure to ask Tom the best restaurants to visit. He’ll gladly give you a thorough review of any and all the restaurants he’s ever been to! It’s a lot! And there’s a map!