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Issue #257 | February 5, 2020

It was great to see some many subscribers at the 5th Annual Frac Sand Industry Update in Houston last week!  We’re looking forward to seeing you again in April, for our forum on the mobile/mini mine concept.  There is a wide variety of content in the newsletter this week (articles related to investment and stock performance, highly technical content from the SPE event, and the some great insights on the frac sand market).  Have a great rest of the week!

This Week's News

5th Annual Frac Sand Industry Update Is Held At The Petroleum Club Of Houston

What makes this conference important to me is the fact that the drop in oil prices from their $100 highs, has caused a disruption in the industry. Many companies in places like Wisconsin...

Hi-Crush Rolls Into Frac Sand’s Final Frontier With Mobile-Mini Plant Division Launch

Since we first published this in-depth primer on Jan. 17, 2020 about the “in field” frac sand mining opportunity, the industry’s public conversation about mobile-mini plants has gone from zero to sixty in a heartbeat...

Hi-Crush: A Value Investor's Nightmare, But A Speculator's Dream

Hi-Crush is valued at just ~ 0.19 of book value. One reason the stock is undervalued is the high potential for bankruptcy. However, the amount of cash Hi-Crush has acts as a safety net for its high level of debt...

Sandemonium Aftermath – A Big Price Reset & The Most Commonly Asked Questions

It’s been a week and a half since we first reported “Sandemonium” when the Permian surprisingly “ran out” of 100 mesh frac sand. Here’s an update on where things stand today followed…

Canadian Premium Sand Concludes Capital Optimization Review and Provides Update on Sales Activities, Hi-Crush Mobile Processing Unit

Canadian Premium Sand Inc. is pleased to announce that it has concluded a comprehensive capital optimization review relating to the Company’s Wanipigow Sand Project. CPS estimates...

Hot On The Heels Of Hi-Crush’s Mobile-Mini Division Launch Comes Related News About A Potential Application

We are able to put some important context around the first newsbyte about Hi-Crush’s mobile mine solution beyond their official announcement about the new division....

The Petroleum Connection Announces the Launch of the Mobile-Mini Frac Sand Mine Forum

During the sold-out 5th Annual Frac Sand Industry Update, The Petroleum Connection announced that it will be holding the Mobile-Mini Frac Sand Mine Forum at The Petroleum Club of Houston...

How Small? How Portable?… Some Fun With A Mobile-Mini Mine Meme

Every once in a while, laughter is the best medicine. So on a Friday when disruption potential is once again at the top of mind for the collective frac sand industry, we offer the following bit of levity...

Shale Frac Designs Move to Just-Good-Enough Proppant Economics

The Shale Revolution dramatically increased the range in rock qualities that can be successfully stimulated with a fracture treatment. Frac’ing is now applicable over about 9 orders...

Frac sand slurry concept

Very positive to find more companies agreeing with the vision we spearheaded at Hippo USA four years ago. A new frac sand slurryline company, with Australian roots and plans for the Permian Basin, is being born...

Rio Negro enters the Argentina frac sand business

Río Negro enters the frac sand business and will extract and process thousands of tons of frac sand in Río Negro to supply Vaca Muerta's oil and gas operations...

Smart Sand Not Mired In Services' Quicksand

While Smart Sand is strong its niche of mining and delivering Wisconsin Northern White sand to nearby drill sites, in the Bakken and eastern United States, this is a shrinking market...

Smart Sand: A Smart Cyclical Pick With Great Upside

If I tell you that Smart Sand has enormous upside, with reasonable risk, you will probably call me crazy, especially after learning a few disturbing facts. First, the stock has declined 81% to...

Sand and Water: Investing in Fracking Stocks

I love a good fight. When it comes to U.S. energy production, I can't think of a more controversial topic since Edwin Drake drilled his well on Pennsylvania soil over 150 years ago...

Permian Frac Sand Plant De-Rating

Permian sand plant staffing reductions effectively de-rated production capacity in 4Q19. The trend in this chart helped set up the supply crunch we’ve dubbed Sandemonium when customer budgets reset seasonally in January…

Industrial Tax Consultants Frac Sand Mine Case Study

The increasingly competitive marketplace for frac sand and diminished sales price reduced profitability and income-generating capacity of the underlying fixed assets only recently acquired...

BP earnings buck oil industry gloom

BP surprised investors with a slight increase in its dividend, bucking the trend in what has otherwise been a bleak earnings season for Big Oil. In the final set of results for retiring Chief Executive...

Hess Touts ‘Lean Manufacturing,’ Technology in Driving Down Bakken Costs

Hess Corp. is doing more with less, with the Bakken Shale continuing to drive a significant portion of oil and natural gas production growth at the same time 2019 spending came in lower than expected...

EIA: U.S. Crude Production From Tight Formations Continues to Grow

U.S. oil production from tight formations increased in 2019, accounting for 64% of total U.S. crude oil production. This share grew because of the increasing productivity of new wells that were...

U.S. crude oil production efficiency continues to improve

U.S. tight oil production increased in 2017, accounting for 54% of total U.S. crude oil production, in part because of the increasing productivity of new wells. Since 2007, the average first...

Is it realistic to assume that refracs can slow the imminent production decline in Permian production, or not?

I saw a post last week with a chart from Bloomberg titled "Capital discipline in the Permian to weaken U.S. oil output growth". It showed the EIA projection of an increase of 1 MM bbls of oil production...

oil & gas production data from 119,057 horizontal wells in 12 US states, through October 2019, including proppant loading

These interactive presentations contain the latest oil & gas production data from 119,057 horizontal wells in 12 US states, through October 2019. Cumulative oil and gas production from these...

Proppant Distribution Observations from 20,000+ Perforation Erosion Measurements

The SPE Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference 2020 looks to continue as the key platform for rich, in-depth technical discussions around the development of fracturing applications...

Permian traffic incidents remain at high levels, but ‘Death Highway’ safer in 2019

Since 2017, the Permian Basin has been the largest supplier of in-basin, or “local sand” in the Lower 48 with a nameplate capacity of 80 million tons of frac sand per year. In three short years, suppliers...

Canadian National Eyes Growth Opportunities In Intermodal, Crude-By-Rail

The trade environment, when you look at how negative it was last year and how things seem to be at least turning around at some point in the months or quarters to come, we will start to see some of the...

Agencies OK North Fork drilling plan

Two federal agencies have approved a proposal by Gunnison Energy to drill up to 35 natural gas wells in the upper North Fork Valley. The company wants to drill the wells down and then out horizontally...

Covia DST™ Dust-Suppression Technology Gaining Significant Momentum with Industry-Leading Companies

Covia announces today that DST™ dust-suppression technology is gaining significant momentum with industry-leading companies that use whole-grain silica sand in their manufacturing...

One Approach to Mine Reclamation: MSC Cruise’s Private Island (former Industrial Sand Mine)

MSC Cruises has opened its Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve in the Bahamas. This is a former industrial sand excavation site that has been reclaimed through an ambitious conservation...

OSHA Silica Regulations One Year In: The Latest Developments and How Businesses Can Remain Compliant

Silica exposure remains a serious threat to nearly 2 million U.S. employees working in conditions with high concentrations of general airborne carcinogens. Last year, OSHA took a stand...

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