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Issue #374 | May 25, 2022

Let’s get together this summer! Because November feels too long to go without getting the industry together, we’ve decided we’re going to have a get-together this summer at a craft brewery (or something like that). Check out our survey to see which city makes the most sense to host (Houston holds a thin lead over Austin right now)


In the frac sand world though, it’s a fairly light week as most folks are nose-to-the-grindstone finding ways to sell/buy more sand.


And now, the news…

This Week's News

Where should we have a beer?

It's time to take an afternoon to get together, chat, and grab a cold beverage!

For RBMN, a Fracking Success

Frac sand is an anchor commodity of the terminal, and we expect to move significant tonnage through Tunkhannock.

LinkedIn Post: Ted Cross

Graph on how the permeability of different shale plays changes the effectiveness of proppant density.

Europe’s Natural-Gas Buyers Defuse Standoff With Kremlin Over Ruble Payments

Kremlin decree demanding payment in rubles stirred concerns that Europe’s natural-gas importers risked breaching European Union sanctions.

Short Sand Supplies Will Slow Growth of US Oil Output

Shale oil producers in the US and Canada are likely to stick to their slow growth plans this year because they lack the sand, steel, drilling rigs, and pressure-pumping capacity required to grow faster.

Before… And …After. Tight Oil Thesis Testing In Ft. Worth This Week

7 key themes tested in conversations with industry contacts about the tight oil industry right now.

Five Major Challenges Facing The Energy Industry

Shortages of raw materials such as frac sand and, earlier this year, steel piping for wells, are one reason for the production cost inflation, not just in the shale patch but everywhere where these raw materials are used in oil fields.

U.S. Shale Drillers Cautious Despite Record Earnings

Production costs in the shale patch are up by as much as 20 percent, driven by things like diesel prices, frac sand prices, and a shortage of workers and drilling equipment.

6th person pleads guilty in $1.4M scam against Texas trucking companies

A San Antonio-area man has pleaded guilty to accepting $432,000 in unearned payroll funds as part of a scam against trucking company Texas Chrome Transport Inc.

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