Frac Sand Weekly News Digest

Nick Cook, Editor

Issue #406 | January 18, 2023

There’s a lot of folks looking to buy and sell frac sand assets. We’re keeping our ear to the ground and will be writing posts each time we have one something come across our plate. Email us to have your assets or interest in acquiring listed.


On top of that, we have a few shale predictions to start the year. Let’s dig in!


And now, the news…

This Week's News

2023 Shale Predictions

A list of Infill Thinking's Top Predictions.

Oil Prices Are Likely to Stay Steady This Year—With a Couple of Big Ifs

Oil prices generally aren’t expected to change dramatically this year, but two big questions loom over that outlook.

Buyer: Seeking Wet Frac Sand Plant

If you would like to be introduced to the buyer, email us.

Who Controls Lower 48 Local Sand Supply?

Quantified share and some observations about the supply stack’s ownership.

Frackers Flush With Cash Shed Huge Debt Loads

After carrying enormous debt loads for more than a decade, frackers have paid down billions of dollars in debt since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, capitalizing on higher commodity prices and sticking to austerity pledges.

5 Shale Wildcards That Could Make 2023 Real Interesting

Some unpredictable wildcards that are within the realm of possibility and could make the year much more interesting should they come to pass.

Railroad reports another record

RBMN’s success was driven by anthracite coal shipments and the opening of its new Tunkhannock frac sand terminal.

Buyer: Looking for Loadout System

Buyer interested in acquiring a loadout system (RBT belts, silos, or overhead hopper).

Big 2023 Rig Count Predictions Fading

A brief recap of some notable recent predictions and how they are evolving as the oilfield activity cycle enters a more stable phase.

Buyer: Seeking Attrition Cells (scrubbers)

Needs to be capable of 200 TPH; it may take a couple of cells.

Buyer: Seeking Dredge

Want to be introduced? Email us.

Buyer: Fresh Water Pump

Needs to include barge or floating device. Capable of 2500 GPM.

Buyer: Seeking Dryer

Multiple buyers seeking dryers. Let us know if you've got one to sell.

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