Frac Sand to the Rescue in the Race for COVID-19 Vaccine?

Several recent articles regarding the work being done to find a vaccine for COVID-19 have references to a potential bottleneck being a shortage in silica sand, which is used to make medical vials.  Um, I think I know where we can find an abundance of silica sand just sitting there waiting to be used…how about your local frac sand mine!


We have made some calls to some government agencies (HHS and DoD) which have been tasked with spearheading Operation Warp Speed (the project to fast track the development, production, and distribution of multiple vaccines) and we will provide updates on this blog and in the Frac Sand Weekly News Digest should we hear of any opportunities for frac sand companies to both sell some sand and contribute to ending this pandemic!  Two great goals!  Stay tuned.

UPDATE: July 7, 2020
We’ve made a lot of calls to vial manufacturers (including the two who recently received contracts through BARDA and HHS for vials for coronavirus vaccines), but we have not heard back from anyone yet. We’ll keep you posted.

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