Mobile-Mini Frac Sand Mine Forum Merges with the Frac Sand Supply & Logistics Conference

The Petroleum Connection has announced that the Mobile Mini Frac Sand Mine Forum will be merged into the 9th Annual Frac Sand Supply & Logistics Conference.  The Mobile-Mini Mine Forum was originally scheduled to be held in April but was rescheduled, due to the coronavirus, to July 1. After extensive discussions with the venue (The Petroleum Club) and our event sponsors, it was determined that the July 1 date was too soon.  The Petroleum Club would only be open for up to 50% capacity and many companies will not yet be ready to have their employees attending events.


As the largest frac sand event of the year, the 9thAnnual Frac Sand Supply & Logistics Conference, is only a couple of months later, we decided to merge the two.  The mobile mines concept will be an important focus of the conference (along with forecasts and trends related to North American onshore and frac sand).


By mid-September, frac sand demand should be headed back in the right direction and people should be ready to get back out and do some business, so please mark your calendars, register, and book your rooms!  We look forward to seeing you there!

The Frac Sand
Summer Happy Hour

Event Registration – $25