More than a conference

Let’s be honest, there is only one real frac sand conference held each year.  We’re not bragging.  It’s just a reality.  There are some great oil & gas events out there, but there is only one multi-day frac sand conference worth attending, and we are holding it at the Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort next month.  But here is an idea:  Why not make it more than just another conference?  It is the frac sand event of the year.  Make it something your team looks forward to.  Use it for employee recognition, employee retention, vendor awards, client appreciation, etc.

Years ago, I worked in another industry, and we had one main conference that all the industry players would attend.  Our team started making the event more than just an industry conference – something we’d look forward to attending each year. It made a big impression on the rest of the industry (we all wore similar shirts and logo’d attire), and when the rest of the industry saw such a strong presence (and that the team got along so well), it really helped with recruiting.

Employee Recognition (and training!)

Most companies claim that their people are their greatest assets.  But how often do they spend the $2-$3K it would take to send them to a nice resort, where they could meet those clients and vendors with whom they interact every day?  Use the Frac Sand Supply & Logistics Conference as a means to recognize and thank those employees.  When else can they spend a few days at a nice resort, plus hear from industry leaders and learn about trends in the industry?  The conference can help you recognize their performance, plus help them start to see the big picture in the industry and learn about the trends impacting senior level decision-making.  During the event, you could have a team dinner at which you could give out awards to those top performers.  Let us help you make this happen.  Contact The Petroleum Connection to find out what we can do to help you get your best performers in the seats.

Employee Retention

The cost to replace a top performing employee is hard to measure.  Most HR experts say it is equivalent to about one year’s salary and benefits.  Employee retention is a big issue.  You can improve your employee retention rate by thanking your team members by sending them to the Frac Sand Supply & Logistics Conference.  They stay at a nice resort, they learn about the industry, and there is great team-building.

Vendor Awards

Want to recognize your best performing vendors?  Let’s do it at the Frac Sand Supply & Logistics Conference!  We’d be happy to give you some time, perhaps during our Networking Reception, to publicly thank and recognize the vendors who help you do your job so well.  Contact us and we’ll figure out a way to make it happen.

Client Appreciation

Have you ever consider hosting a client at the conference?  As a “thank you for trusting us as a valued partner” you could cover their registration fee and accommodations, and really strengthen the relationship.  We’re not talking only about senior level executives.  The people on the phone day-to-day should have a chance to meet face to face and building those professional relationships as well.  One those challenging issues come up, it is a lot easier to solve them if there is a friend on the other line.  Having them spend time together and “put a face to a name” is a great way to strengthen the B2B relationship as well.  Again, let us know if you would like to put together some client appreciation packages and we can work with you on a package deal.

We want this conference to be the one that everyone in the industry attends.  Founders and C-level executives, business development and procurement, logistics and supply chain, as well as day-to-day order management and dispatch personnel.  It can be much more valuable than just another industry event.  It can be the event that the whole team looks forward to all year.  Let’s make it happen!


  • Frac Sand Equipment Expo Begins 9:00 am
  • Exhibitor Setup for Frac Sand Conference 1:00 pm
  • Frac Sand Equipment Expo Ends 4:00 pm
  • Speaker/Sponsor Reception at Frac Sand Equipment Expo 4:00 pm



  • Networking Breakfast in Exhibit Hall 8:00 am
  • General Sessions with Breaks in the Exhibit Hall 8:30 am
  • Conference Closes 12:00 pm
  • Exhibit Hall Beak Down & Move-Out 12:00 pm
  • Conference Golf Outing 1:00 pm


  • Frac Sand Equipment Expo 20'x40' Space $3,500
  • VIP Dinner on November 19th $7,500
  • Coffee Mugs SOLD
  • Notebook SOLD
  • Speaker/Sponsor Reception on November 18th SOLD
  • Conference Mobile App $3,000
  • Day 1 Kick-Off SOLD
  • Day 2 Kick-Off $3,000
  • Lanyard SOLD
  • Networking Lunch on November 19th SOLD
  • Networking Reception Glasses SOLD
  • Day 1 Morning Break (Video ad) $2,500
  • Day 1 Afternoon Break (Video ad) $2,500
  • Day 2 Morning Break (Video ad) $2,500
  • Day 2 Afternoon Break (Video ad) $2,500
  • Case Study 1 $2,500
  • Case Study 2 $2,500
  • Charging Station $2,500
  • Printed Program $2,500
  • Conference Wifi SOLD
  • Golf: Water Bottles SOLD
  • Golf: Hosted Hole (Beverage Station & Contest) $3,700
  • Golf: Hats $3,500
  • Golf: Cigars $3,200
  • Golf: Divot Tools $3,200
  • Golf: Balls $3,200
  • Golf: Towels $3,200

The Frac Sand
Summer Happy Hour

Event Registration – $25