WISA Technical Meeting on February 16th

Our readers in the Midwest (and anywhere, really) should take a look at the Wisconsin Industrial Sand Association’s upcoming Technical Seminar and Membership Meeting, being held in Eau Claire, Wisconsin on February 16th.

WISA is a great group which has been representing the frac sand industry (promoting fact-based positive dialogue and environmentally sound practices) for the last 10+ years.

The Technical Seminar and Membership Meeting features a strong lineup of speakers, many of whom are past speakers for, and long-time friends of, The Petroleum Connection (Dr. Kent Syverson, Mark Krumenacher, Isaac Orr, and Cody Wickersheim to start!).

While attendees would have to hustle to attend this meeting on the 16th and then get to the 7th Annual Frac Sand Industry Update in Houston on the 18th, it would be well worth the effort (especially given the trends and outlook for frac sand in 2022 and beyond!).

Learn more about the WISA Technical Seminar and Membership Meeting here.


The Frac Sand
Summer Happy Hour

Event Registration – $25