Frac Sand Boom Is Here To Stay…Or Is It?

There are only a handful of people out there who do great research on the frac sand industry. Certainly the former PacWest guys (Samir Nangia and his team, now at IHS) are top notch, as is Isaac Orr from The Heartland Institute. It is interesting to see their differing approach and comments on the state of the frac sand industry. Isaac tends to be more optimistic in his publications.

Here is a very good recent OpEd he wrote for the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. On the other hand, the team at IHS recently downgraded their proppant forecast due to reduced frac activity (however, they did highlight the “silver lining” of increased proppant usage per well).

You may still be able to register to watch their recent webinar update here. Both groups are well worth following for their great research, insights, and understanding of the industry.

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