Mexican Oil & Gas Reforms Move Forward

Despite a slow start to the Mexican oil & gas reform and bidding rounds, there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic about the future of the oil & gas industry in Mexico. While they still have challenges to overcome (read this Forbes article on their two biggest challenges: Corruption and The Rule of Law and JP Morgan’s analysis of Round One here), there are also good signs. The Heartland Institute did a good overview, and Texas Governor Greg Abbott is making a strong effort to improve relations between Texas and Mexico. With all this going on, it is telling that a Mexican trust recently announced it will invest $150 million in Mexican energy infrastructure. There is a lot riding on this energy reform, and there are a lot of talented people working to make it come to fruition. We wish them luck!

In our small way, we have tried to help with the reforms by bringing together interested parties at our various events focused on Mexican oil & gas opportunity updates, unconventional opportunities, and energy infrastructure. We hope to announce another event focused on Mexican energy reform soon!

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