Update Regarding Hurricane Impact On The Upcoming Frac Sand Events

We just wanted to assure everyone that Hurricane Harvey, as devastating as it has been on the Houston area, has not impacted the6thAnnual Frac Sand Supply & Logistics Conference. In speaking with hotel personnel yesterday, they said that the Marriott Marquis has been minimally impacted. They expect to be fully staffed and fully operating again by the end of this week. Again, there is no reason to think the hurricane will have any impact on the6thAnnual Frac Sand Supply & Logistics Conference.

The Frac Sand Equipment Expois being held at the Baytown Youth Fairgrounds in Baytown, Texas. While there was some minor flooding in the hall at the Fairgrounds, it has already drained. It is our expectation that in the next couple of weeks the Fairgrounds will drain fully and will be able to handle the equipment. We are keeping a close eye on the situation and will update everyone if there is a chance that we may need to postpone theEquipment Expodue to the conditions at the Fairgrounds.

For now, it appears that both events will happen on schedule, so we would recommend you make your plans accordingly! We’re pleased to be able to bring so many people to Houston at at time when they will need our financial and moral support.

The Frac Sand
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