Marshall Adkins

Head of Energy Investment Banking , Raymond James

Steve Brock

Chief Commercial Officer, Nomad Proppant Services

Todd Bush

Westwood Global Energy, Head of Onshore

Jonathon Clark

Analyst, Westward Global Energy

Pete Cook

President, The Petroleum Connection

Charlie Crisp

President & Founding Consultant, Crisp Supply Chain Solutions

Ron Gusek

President, Liberty Oilfield Services

Chris Hosek

Principal, Texas Star Alliance

Lee Hullman

Executive Vice President, Shale Support

Thomas Jacob

Vice President, Rystad Energy

Greg Lanham

President & CEO, Sand Revolution

Jason Love

Vice President of Sales & Distribution, Manley Bros.

Buck McVaney

Southern Plains District Manager, Industrial Kiln & Dryer Group

Dr. Michael Mintz

CTO, Sand Revolution

Michael Montgomery

Director of Proppant, NexTier Oilfield Solutions

Jason Morin

Black Mountain Sand, CEO

Max Nikolaev

Vice President of Oil & Gas, CARBO

Matt Oehler

Regional Business Development, PropX

Kyle Ramachandran

President & Chief Financial Officer, Solaris Oilfield Infrastructure

Chris Samanns

President, Signal Peak Silica

Joseph Triepke

Founder, Infill Thinking

Jim Wicklund

Managing Director, Stephens Inc.

Dr. Tom Zhang

Lead Engineer, Optimus Solutions