Marketing to the Frac Sand Industry

Do you have goods or services to sell to the frac sand industry? If you would rather not wait until the November conference to get in front of the industry, or if you would like to do an advertising campaign leading up to the conference, you might consider putting a banner ad in the Frac Sand Weekly News Digest. In these difficult times, industry professionals are keeping a close eye on the news.

For industry newsletters, an “open rate” (the percent of subscribers who actually open the newsletter) is considered good when it is between 10% and 30%. Above 30% is considered “Excellent”. Our open rate has run between 37% to 44% since late March!

For industry newsletters, a “click thru rate” (the percent of subscribers who actually click on a link in the newsletter) is considered good when it is between 1% and 3%. Above 3% is considered “Excellent”. Our click thru has ranged from 13% to 24% since late March, with most weeks being between 18% and 20%. That is extraordinary.

You can learn more about advertising in the newsletter here:

One clarification from the information on that advertising page. We recently did a subscriber clean-up (removing those who have not opened one of our newsletter in the preceding 6 months and removing the increased number of bounced email resulting from all the job losses) so our subscriber database is down to about 1600 people (but they are very engaged in the industry!).

We can also create a package deal for someone who would like to be a sponsor at one of our upcoming events and would like to combine that with newsletter advertising.

Please let Pete Cook ([email protected]) know if you have any questions.

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